How Does a Pension Work?

What Happens When You Retire?

Ever thought about your future and when you may retire? At Regan Financial, we can make your future brighter by making your money work for you through a pension and investments. Know what you could retire with and what your yearly income could be.


Investments are about planning for your future and are a key part to your future financial security – whether it is saving for your children’s education, a property, or a nest egg for the future. With interest rates at historic lows, returns from savings in deposit accounts are less than they have ever been. There are alternatives to cash deposits and at Regan Financial we have professional, independent financial advisers to help guide you towards making the correct decision about where to invest.
With investment there is some level or risk and we will advise you on the nature of that risk. Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the potential return.
We offer a wide range of investment products suitable to your needs and requirements and a crucial part of our financial meeting with you is an in-depth discussion on your attitude to risk and return. Before advising on any investment we thoroughly review your financial circumstances and your needs.

Before choosing any investment product, it is important to consider:

• Recommended Term - how long are you prepared to invest the money for?
• Access - will you need access to your money and if so are charges incurred?
• Security - is there a capital guarantee on all or part of your investment ? • Tax - how much will you have to pay? • Will there be access to the ongoing performance of your investment? • What do you know about the financial security of the institution that you invest with ? • What happens to my investment if I die during the term?


There are lots of different investment products in the market across a range of financial institutions. At Regan Financial we will discuss these with you in detail and take all of the above into consideration before you make your informed decision.

• Cash
•  Money on deposit.
• Tracker Bonds (tracking a particular market for a set period of time) • Managed Funds/Multi-Asset Funds

Some funds may be invested in a mix of assets. They tend to carry less risk as they are well diversified.

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Funds transfers and payments are made directly to the relevant institution you invest in.
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